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231 Udinese Liedtjies & Sokker Chants

Udinese Calcio is from the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, founded in 1896. Udinese is the second oldest club in the Serie A, after Genoa C.F.C.

515 Udinese Come On Classic Fanchant Of Udinese Speelys
583 I Will Sing for Udinese Udinese North Tier Speelys
780 Udinese Win for Us Classic Fanchant Of Udinese Speelys
890 We Are the Northern Tier Udinese North Tier Speelys
1643 Udine, Udine... Udinese North Tier Speelys
1807 White and Blacks The Old Ones Are The Best Speelys
2078 We Want This Victory Classic Fanchant Of Udinese Speelys
2855 Toto Toto Is In The House! Speelys
4383 Those Not Singing Fanchant Against Trieste Speelys
5598 Pride of the North Classic Fanchant Of Udinese Speelys
  Premier League Betting
6752 Udinese Win for the Ultras In sync with Udinese fans Speelys
6920 Never Ending Story Our Love Speelys
7522 Cop A fanchant against the police Speelys
8336 Spaccarotella... Fanchant Against The Policeman Who Killed AN Ultra, Spaccarotella Speelys
10944 Francesco Guidolin La La La La La Fanchant For The Ex-Coach Francesco Guidolin Speelys
  Premier League Betting


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