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152 Juventus Liedtjies & Sokker Chants

Juve is the third oldest of its kind in the country and has spent its entire history, with the exception of the 2006–07 season, in the top flight First Division.

24 Forza Juve Ale A Classic Juventus Choir Speelys
58 As Long as I Live Choir Against Torino And Florence Speelys
145 Juve! Juve North Tier Speelys
186 Juve Ale Juve North Tier Speelys
224 Ole Juve Classic Juve Fanchant Speelys
265 Dale Cavese Original Fanchant Speelys
319 Bianconeri Ole The Old Ones Are The Best Speelys
424 Where Are the Ultras Juve Ultras From The North Tier! Speelys
466 The Whole Tier Juve North Tier Speelys
540 We Believe Of Course We Do Speelys
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873 Arturo Vidal Ale Choir For The Ex-MidfielderVidal Speelys
1774 Until the End A Classic Juventus Choir Speelys
2161 Magic Juve The magic of Juve is always all around its fans, that's why they will never leave the team alone Speelys
2697 North Section The North Section Chant Sung By Juve Supporters Speelys
2735 I Am a White/Black Ultra Classic Juve Ultras Chant, About Their Belongs, Fidelity And Support To Club Speelys
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